Building Exponentially

Every donation to Habitat for Humanity of Greater Chattanooga Area has a worldwide impact.  Each year a portion of our unrestricted donations is tithed to Habitat for Humanity’ global building initiatives.

What is Tithe?

Habitat for Humanity is a global partnership.  Habitat Chattanooga is one of thousands of affiliates.  Affiliates are encouraged to contribute a portion of their unrestricted income each year to international work with a sister affiliate of their choosing. Funds specifically designated for local work only by request of the donor may be excluded from tithe.

How Much has Habitat Chattanooga Given?

Since 1986, Habitat for Humanity Chattanooga has tithed more than $400,000. This support has lead to the construction of  145 homes across the world.   Since 2002, our funds have been directed to Habitat for Humanity of Haiti. When you make unrestricted donations to Habitat for Humanity Chattanooga, you are supporting efforts, not just in Chattanooga, but in Haiti as well.

How are Countries Chosen to Receive Our Tithe?

Habitat for Humanity provides affiliates with list of possible tithe partners, and leadership at the local level makes the final decision.  Habitat for Humanity of Greater Chattanooga Area chose Haiti because a number of our volunteers support the work of other organizations there, and we felt that investment there would complement the work these other organizations are doing there.