Partner with Habitat

Your willingness to partner with Habitat for Humanity of Greater Chattanooga Area is crucial. Families approved for our homeownership program must volunteer a minimum of 200 300 or 400 “sweat equity” hours while they work to become a homeowner.

This process usually takes 12 months or longer. Families earn these sweat equity hours by volunteering at our Habitat Office or ReStore; and by attending mandatory homeowner education classes such as “Budgeting,” “Construction 101,” “How to Write A Will,” and “Being a Good Neighbor.”

Families spend their last 100 sweat equity hours helping to build another Partner Family’s home as well as their own. Habitat also allows each Partner Family to bring 1 guest with them to help with the sweat equity hours – as long as the guest is at least 16 years old. By bringing a guest, families can earn double hours!

Are you ready to begin working toward owning a home?

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